Here’s QS’s top 10 world university rankings for 2010

  1. Cambridge
  2. Harvard
  3. Yale
  4. UCL
  5. MIT
  6. Oxford
  7. Imperial
  8. Chicago
  9. Caltech
  10. Princeton

QS has reported that their rankings methodology for 2010 has changed. But nothing too significant among the top 20 has changed even with this new methodology in place. The only ‘big’ ones  I see is the bumping of MIT to 5th place from 9th in 2009. Personally, I feel that QS’s rankings are biased towards UK universities.

Imperial and UCL are decent schools but having them seen as exceeding some very decent US schools boggles me. And Cambridge > Harvard? Maybe in a few areas, but we all know that in this era, Harvard is the school that transcends all. Columbia (11th), Penn(12th) and Stanford (13) should be in the top 10. And where the hell is LSE? Its ranked 80th this year, down from 67 in 2009. You can check out the full list here.