Its that time of the year again. Offers for 2010/11 have now been given out and the adcoms are now preparing for 2011/12’s entry.  For new and re-applicants, I do encourage you to apply early or as soon as you can as these schools generally operate on a rolling admissions basis. Take a look at why applying early increases your chances and why you should never underestimate the application process.

Oxford graduate applications are now open, and you can start applying here.

Cambridge graduate applications are still closed, and will be available online after 1st September 2010. If you would like to take a look at what the online application would look like, be sure to check out their paper application as it is exactly the same as the one that will be enabled online.

LSE graduate applications for 2010/11 are, surprisingly, still open.  Do check out what is still available on offer. Online applications for 2011/12 will only start from 4th October 2010.