MPhil Management

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MSc Management @ UCL

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The 2008/09 recession has made it particularly difficult for many qualified students to secure full time offers, and applications to graduate schools have increased significantly as students ‘shelter’ from the economic woes by furthering their studies. That being said, UCL is quick to recognize this and has recently launched its new MSc Management programme, with its first intake for 2010/11 entry.

MSc Technology Entrepreneurship @ UCL

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What on earth is a 2.1 degree?

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Quite often when you browse through the admission pages of the masters programs of many UK universities you often come across a requirement “Minimum 2.1 degree or equivalent”. For example, the minimum academic requirement to apply for an MPhil in Management at Judge Business School, Cambridge University is:

A First Class Honours degree in a subject other than business or management.

But wait! What on earth is a first class honours degree, let alone a 2.1 degree? This is probably what many of you will be thinking, especially for those who either come from outside the UK or did not attend a British patterned undergraduate education.

Generally, honours degrees are classified into the following categories:

  • First-Class Honours (1st)
  • Upper Second-Class Honours (2:1)
  • Lower Second-Class Honours (2:2)

First-class honours degrees (also known as “firsts”) are awarded to the top 10% of the class at most British  universities. British patterned universities such as those in Australia and New Zealand only award honour degrees to students completing an additional year (usually a dissertation/final year project) upon completing the coursework requirements of their 3 year undergraduate programme.

An upper second class honours degree (also known as two one) is usually awarded to students (sometimes even to those who sadly missed the first class mark by just a few GPA points) who did pretty well . This is also usually the minimum requirement that most Fortune 500 companies look at when hiring

If you have a 2:2 degree or lower, don’t fret. You still have a good chance at getting into a top postgraduate programme of your choice provided you start focusing on your ECs (extra curriculars), improve your CV, personal statement and essays.

Imperial College and London School of Economics have diverted their mountains of GPA related questions by setting up dedicated pages for specific country information, here and here respectively.  Cambridge has one for undergraduates but I could not find any for graduates. If you do find it buried within somewhere, do let me know by posting a comment below.

For those who would prefer a GPA conversion chart, you can always check it here

MSc Management, Organisations and Governance @ LSE

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MSc Management, Organisations and Governance – Coming Soon

Why you should not under estimate the application process

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Many students under estimate the time involved in creating a strong application for oxford, cambridge and LSE. Do note that a strong application requires plenty of research. Therefore, do apply early and keep in mind how the graduate schools operate – aka rolling admissions can how you can use this system to your advantage.

A ready-to-submit application generally involves completing the graduate admission form, two letters of reference, academic transcripts, scholarship essays, and the dreaded personal statement. The whole process can expect to take up to 8 weeks,  so ideally, if you are savvy enough, you should start preparing in July for Oxford and Cambridge; and August for LSE.

I will be coming up with an article on rolling admissions and reasons on why you should not under estimate the application process.

Online applications for 2011/12 entry are now open

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Its that time of the year again. Offers for 2010/11 have now been given out and the adcoms are now preparing for 2011/12’s entry.  For new and re-applicants, I do encourage you to apply early or as soon as you can as these schools generally operate on a rolling admissions basis. Take a look at why applying early increases your chances and why you should never underestimate the application process.

Oxford graduate applications are now open, and you can start applying here.

Cambridge graduate applications are still closed, and will be available online after 1st September 2010. If you would like to take a look at what the online application would look like, be sure to check out their paper application as it is exactly the same as the one that will be enabled online.

LSE graduate applications for 2010/11 are, surprisingly, still open.  Do check out what is still available on offer. Online applications for 2011/12 will only start from 4th October 2010.

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